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Our multi-duplex town houses are unique with sleek and modern design with 2 to 4 Townhouses per block, 2 to 3 story. This is land maximization option while giving astute buyer options to acquire properties that feel like they are leaving in their own property instead of renting. The properties will provide  younger and older generations with busy schedule the sense of ownership while doing less work in the yard but still have a crib style living. Designs are sleek and modern. The development will provide the appeal of all homes having street frontage and garage access. The open planned living areas allows an abundance of light and space. The variety of floor plans and the quality of finishes allows the owner to maximize on the return of sale without compromising on the quality of the project.


Copy of 001-Outside with grass Edit.jpg

W e  B u i l d  Y o u r  D r e a m s . . .


Beautiful Gambrielle Duplex

5 Bedrooms

2 Single Family


2-Single Family separated by a Common Wall

4 Bedrooms

2 Single Family


3 Levels Condo Homes w/ Single Car Garage

3 Bedrooms

3 Single Family


Victorian Duplex

4 Bedrooms

2 Single Family

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