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W e  B u i l d  Y o u r  D r e a m s . . .


Joint Venture & Investment Partners


Our Investment Partners are privately owned companies. They support local and international standard of good corporate governance, through transparent business dealings and market related procurement practices. Our Local, Foreign Funding and Technical Partners have handled many projects in various capacity all around the world, i.e. USA, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, China, and Africa. Our Investment Partners are reputable, transparent and very well capitalized to do projects of any size. 




The real estate industry is a global business, and a growing number of mid to high net worth individuals or groups are eager to invest in properties located locally and in other countries. However, along with this eagerness comes various challenges, risks and uncertainties. Whether you are a U.S.-based investor who is looking for lucrative real estate in a foreign country or non-U.S.-based investor who is investing in real estate in the United States, you need GREEN ACRES.

Our company not only help safeguard your investments, but promises you a safe return on investment (ROI). As a leading provider of real estate development around the globe, Green Acres understands the importance of detailed knowledge and superior communication skills to handle the demand of astute and knowledgeable investors. Our funds are based on specific target market needs and achievable ROI. Funds are not co-mingled, which allows us to remain transparent and provide clear reporting process to our Funding Partners. Our equity investors will earn their income from income generated from the sales of housing units sold and rental income from the property managed by Green Acres. Income from the sales may be reinvested to increase investors ROI. Our approach is a Market-specific investment strategy that provide local solutions.  At Green Acres, we assist you in navigating and understanding local customs, cultures, laws and procedures so you can feel comfortable with your capital investment.


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