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Land Inquires

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Land Inquiries

Green Acres Investments, the nation's premier builder of luxury homes, continually pursues the acquisition of residential land throughout the United States. We work with landowners in assessing and accommodating their special needs.


We realize making the decision to sell is a personal, private matter, and many factors must be considered.


It's not too early to begin asking questions about selling your land.


You may not be ready to sell right now, but are wondering about the potential value of your property. Or perhaps you wish to use your land for a few more years, and you know that getting the best price for your land takes time. Even if you don't think that you want to sell soon, Green Acres Investments can help you understand the steps involved in the process of selling your property. We can also confirm the potential value of your land to assist you in making your decision.


You may not be sure of how the land entitlement or approval process works.


Green Acres Investments has a long history of resolving entitlement issues and development constraints. We have land planners, engineers and lawyers with the expertise necessary to obtain a meaningful approval and maximize the value of your land.

You'd like to preserve what is special about your property and still maximize the value of your land.


We understand what your land means to you, and realize that the value of certain elements of your property cannot be measured. That is why Green Acres Investments is sensitive to open space and site preservation to the maximum extent possible. We will work to maintain the integrity of your property.


You'd like to free up valuable assets for retirement or reinvestment, or you are facing the increased burden of real estate taxes.

 In uncertain financial times, knowing that your property is a valuable asset can provide peace of mind when planning for your future. The money you receive as a result of the sale of your land can be reallocated for whatever current or future needs you may have. We work closely with estate planners and are able to provide you with a tax free exchange to minimize your taxes at the time of closing.


We are interested in purchasing property that is suitable for building homes. The property can be either approved for development or raw land. We are able to make flexible purchase arrangements. For example, we may be able to offer:

  • Release of funds during the approval process

  • Preservation of a portion of your land as open space, woodlands or farm land

  • Vesting of your rights against zoning restrictions


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At Green Acres Investments, we understand that the privacy of the information provided to us is very important to you. We use the data gathered only to provide you with more information about our quality products and services. This information will NOT be sold/distributed to any unaffiliated third parties without your prior consent.

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