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Sales and Facility Management


We have set up a world class sales and facility management team. Our goal is to market our developed properties on site with collaboration with other real estate agencies in the area while minimizing the cost to sell.


After successful completion of our developments, we plan to retain some of the units as assets for the company and use them as fully furnished corporate rentals. We will have staff on premises that oversees the day to day sales operations and responding to client requests. A homeowners association will be formed to ensure and maintain home owners’ value. We will maintain a concierge on site for our Medical housing rental and partner with reputable service providers.

  • Respond to home owners’ calls and requests

  • Set up and coordinate annual Homeowners meeting

  • Monitor the rules and regulations and assist with enforcement.

  • Act as the interface between the Board and the owners of the property.

  • Maintain association records and minutes.

  • Create and release new unit owner welcome packages.

  • Community Website and Portal, client password protected, provides downloadable association documents and newsletters, event calendars, email homeowner communication and much more.



  • Collect maintenance fees and other operating charges and assist in the collection of any delinquent charges.

  • Pay all approved vendor expenses on behalf of the association.

  • Prepare annual operating and capital budgets

  • Prepare monthly and annual financial reports. Monthly reporting include: reconciliation of the operating budget to actual expenditures and receipts and explain variances, if any.

  • Maintain segregated bank accounts for all Association funds

Insurance Administration

  • Solicitation of bids from qualified agents and carriers for the renewal of the master insurance policy.

  • Reporting, oversight and administration of insurance claims 


Property Maintenance


  • Create a continuing preventative maintenance program.
  • Track maintenance calls and repairs via computerized maintenance logs, which clients may receive a copy of monthly.
  • Solicit proposals and perform interviews, as appropriate, with vendors, providing insurance, waste removal, accounting audits, engineering assessment, maintenance contracts and other services.
  • Utilize bulk buying power and competitive bidding to obtain optimal pricing for supplies, equipment and services.
  • Oversee the vendor’s performance of on-going services and repairs at the property.
  • Perform site inspections and notify the Association of recommended improvements.
  • Provide 24 hour emergency maintenance response.


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